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My name is Joe. I'm a senior at the Bolwing Green State University in College of Business with a Hospitality/Restaurant Management Major, and a food minor. I would like to continue my education into a vitology and/or enology program here in the USA. I was wondering if anyone may be able to help point me into a direction!

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This question might get more responses if you posted it on either the Culinary Students board or The Last Word On Food and Wine.

Have you talked to your advisor at Bowling Green? Or done any other research yet? (Try spelling it as "oenology" when you google on it.) In any case: the best program I know of is at UC Davis. Many excellent winemakers have studied there.
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I agree with Suzanne, UC. Davis has one of the best programs in the states.

Cornell also has some excellent programs.

Good luck
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UC Davis is what I would have recommended. I lived in the bay area during its inception and it seems to be THE place to study oenology. Bottoms up!
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As a proud alum, I have to agree - UC Davis is the place for oenology in the US. Very well-respected globally. When I was there in the mid-80's there were several people in the oenology and viticulture program who were from teh big wine families in Europe.

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