Enhancing Paella

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A year ago some one requested a Paella recipe, there was no response to the requested, so I  posted one and then few others of note and notoriety followed!
I was in Japan and was cooking Hinanese Chicken , which is a Chinese dish, with chicken’s
cavity filled with shallots and boiled in water with lot of ginger , which I usually  juice the ginger! and add it to the water.
The stock from the chicken is used to cook the rice! But the rice is first prepared by frying crushed and or minced garlic with the white portion of the shallots sliced thinly, which is near the root  in oil, then adding rice to it and cocking it till it gets bit shiny or translucent, then this put in rice cooked and covered with the chicken stock  and cooked.

After few days I was asked to cook Paella, then it occurred to me to cook the arboreal
rice in a similar way and then add it to the Paella pan,  which I did, and it worked very well, the flavour of the rice was greatly enhanced!  So I thought posted here it may benefit the aficionados.
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