End-grain Cherry cutting boards - Sticky?

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I have a 4" thick Boos Maple end-grain cutting board. I find the board generally satisfactory, but at 4", the working height is just a little high for me. I'm thinking of replacing it with a 3" end-grain board, but with Cherry rather than Maple. I've never used a Cherry board, but my impression is that Cherry is somewhat easier on knife edges than Maple. My concern is that Cherry is so soft that it grabs razor sharp knives (as my Shun Honyaki board does, for instance.)

Does anyone have enough experience with both Maple and Cherry end-grain boards to comment?
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Never used cherry.  My boards have all been maple.  4" can get too tall depnding on your counter.

Have you considered a nice anti fatigue mat on the ground? I have on on the ground by the sink and near the counter where I do my chopping.  Less stress on your knees and ankles and adds height as a bonus.
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Cherry is lighter and softer, relatively speaking.  I don't know myself if knives actually sink into it all that easier but if so perhaps such a board will get you to improve your technique by better gauging the force you use.  If that's not your thing then stick with maple maybe.

I like Million's idea of the mat, maybe even one of those thick braided rug mats with a properly sized anit-shocker on top if a bit extra would help.

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