Enameled pot with a chip and some rust there.

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Is it a big problem if an enameled pot gets a chip in it and a little bit of rust develops on the spot?

Can it be rubbed with Brillo or steel wool to remove 90% of the rust and still be used, or is the pot now garbage and deserving to be thrown out?

I want to cook some Corned Beef and Cabbage and when I retrieved my biggest pot which I haven't used it in a long time and is enameled steel, I found it slightly chipped.
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Vitreous enamelled cast iron is extremely tough and durable, however the glass like nature of the enamel can be damaged if knocked hard however, the surface is very difficult to damage through normal use. Although unattractive, chipping does not impair the performance of the product or make it unsafe to use.

extract from lecreuset web site.

Hope this answers your question.


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Hi Anthony,
Thanks for that, but I just realized I left something out of my OP. It is not enameled cast iron, it is enameled steel. I thought I had put that in. Sorry. I went back and edited it in.

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Same rule applies; cast iron and steel are first cousins and for this purpose the advice would be the same either way.

Where is the chip? Is it on the lip of the pot or on the interior side or bottom? If it is on the lip I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it is on the inside, foods with a high acid content may react with the steel and may affect the appearance of your food.

I would suggest going to the hardware store and buying a sheet of 150 grit emery paper (made for metals) and rub the rust spot with it. So long as there are no loose pieces to get in the food it will be fine. Rust, after all, is only oxidized iron. Between uses you can apply a dab of vegetable oil to inhibit rust formation.

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Hi Jock,

Now that I got the pot clean, (I hadn't used it in a while and it was sitting around a long time), I see it is just a short scratch where the bottom meets the side. The lid is really in worse shape. It has a bunch of scratches and some small chips.

I'll rub it out as you suggest and go ahead with it.

Like you said it's just iron oxide. Maybe it will add just enough iron to the dish to be healthy. :)
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