Emeril sitcom on NBC

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I read yesterday that Emeril will have a sitcom on Tuesday nights on NBC starting in the fall. He'll play *surprise!* a chef. Given the fact that he's not an actor, how do you think this show will fare (no pun intended... :D)?
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Actually, this would be the perfect vehicle for him. BAM! there I said it. (or typed it)

Does this mean we will be spared the oversaturation of him on FOOD TV?
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LOL! We'll have oversaturation on NBC, CBS and ABC with all the talkshows! And I bet he'll have some energy left in him to continue BAMMING on the Food Network!

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Markdchef, I agree with you. Everytime I click to that channel, there he is. Could it be an American version of BBC's sit com called Chef?(absolutely halirious, anyone else ever watched this? ) If so, Emeril would not have been my first choice.
:rolleyes: :eek:
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Chef! was a great show. Garreth Blackstock was hilarious. Too bad it went off the air.
I used to watch it on public television about five years ago. Wish they would put it back on the air.
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I loved that show, Logose and Markdchef!

Maybe Emeril's will be along the lines of "Kitchen Confidential"?? Who knows!

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Chef! is on the BBC America channel, but I'm not sure when...so that's really not so helpful...

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Emeril (Comedy) Studio: NBC Studios Producers: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason Premise: Bam! The animated chef takes viewers behind the scenes of a cooking show. Stars: Emeril Lagasse, Lisa Ann Walter ("Breaking News" ) and Michael Jeter ("Tales of the City" . Status: Picked up for fall
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Career suicide!!! I cannot imagine how bad this will be. I actually don't have too much of a problem with Emeril on Food Network. Anything that gets people interested in good food is ok with me, but c'mon. Please, please go back to the kitchen where you belong.
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Chef was a great show. I stopped my life to watch it. My favorite was the one where he went looking for unpasteurized stilton. There was another short-lived show called Tattinger's with Annie Potts as the chef and the guy who plays the minister on Seventh Heaven as the owner.


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A chef who think he is to scream BAM every few minutes to sustain the attention of the public should take a few step back and look carefully at what he does. If I want to see clowns I’ll go to the circus.
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Well, after all that screaming and mini-nervous breakdown, and now that I feel better for venting, let me tell you that I just loved BBC's CHEF!

Too bad they didn't make more episodes. They don't seem to know a good thing when they see one!

So, I thoroughly enjoyed it the time it lasted!

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It's too bad that Chef is not on the air anymore, I only ever saw one episode of it, and I was hooked, but the only thing is, it was the last one that my cable network ever aired (to my knowledge). I wish I could find a place to at least rent the episodes on video. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I used to be a big Emeril fan, but I'm not anymore, still watch once in a while, but it's almost to the point where you get the impression that most people think Emeril is the industry. He is a great cook, I'll give him credit for that, but he's not the best cook in the world.
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Pooh - I don't think Emeril was very fond of "Kitchen confidential" since mentions of him in that book were usually accomapnied by phrases like "fuzzy little ewok" and "you're well on your way to making him your ***** "

Loved "Chef!", also love the ER-style drama about a restaurant idea. Go with it, baby! Can I be an extra?

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Don't know about the Emeril thing. But I think that if there's a show about the restaurant industry, it should be a drama like ER. The restaurant where I used to work is so dramatic. There's the friction between the executive chef and the pastry chef, back stabbing amongst the wait staff, high tension when the orders come in, romances, etc. There can be lots of little side plots, too, like a short focus on the bus boy and his struggle with learning English for a sentimental edge, or the dishwasher's struggle with work, health, family, for a grittier view of life. Contrast that with the glam life that the celebrity partner of the restaurant lives. Interns can be floated through for a little spice since they are often temporary anyway. We can add comic relief by showcasing some of the worst customers who come in (what they wear and how offensive they can be). If the screen writers log onto this site and read our posts, I'll bet they'll think they've found a gold mine in ideas.

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Emeril with his own sitcom. Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse? Should be.
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I love Chef! with Lenny Henry. BBC America had a Chef! marathon a couple of weekends ago. They don't seem to have it on the current schedule but it will probably be back soon. I wish I had thought to record the marathon.
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