Ello from Nashville!

Joined Jun 29, 2015

Im a sous chef...well i guess. idk i got fired today. for coming in to work...long story. I made a thread about it. Battle of the Bosses. Just kinda joined up to get some advice on the situation and get some insights to help figure my head out. Kind of in a low low right now bc of it all but hey this seems like a pretty cool place to chit chat. so whats up! :) 
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Welcome to Cheftalk, we are glad you joined. Sounds like you are going through a difficult time - hope things improve for you. If you post in the Professional Food Service threads you will find comrads who can give you some encouragement and advice! And we have a lot of great articles about those who have changed direction in the food service industry or have been through similar difficulties. Keep your chin up! 
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