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First off, a big thanks to BDL for taking me out and picking up the tab. It was great to finally meet you and you are a great host.

Next I have to say while I have had Dim Sum in the past it was never as good as this. Maybe it's because the Chinese population up north is still too small to support this kind of place. or LA has just got better shipments of food. Or maybe it's just because I have never had it so seemingly fresh to the table, the stuffed dumplings still steaming in a basket. However you want to look at it I have never had Dim Sum this good. The restaurant is nicely decorated and spacious, the buzz of noise from the customers is strong and steady...almost too strong as a couple of times I did have trouble hearing my dining companions. BDl and his Chef friend K.C. met me there and they ordered a fat lunch of 10 different items from the menu plus a couple of things that they just grabbed as it was going by the table.

I am not the most descriptive guy when it comes to Asian cuisine I just like to eat it, but here come some of the Highlights..Macau Roasted Pork or Roasted Pork Belly...the pork was tender and the fat cooked just right not too soft or too hard accompanied with a little tray with sugar and a rich dark soy sauce for dipping first in one then the other, delicious.  The Shu-mai was the most tender I have ever had and the shrimp were cooked just right, not chewy but firm and burst with flavor when you bit into them. A last honorable mention, something I have wanted to try but never saw on a menu up north (at least in the area I lived) Chicken Feet in sauce... boneless, which had a nice chewy texture and a sweet chili sauce and Bone-in which came in a darker, richer red chili sauce of which I am not sure of all the ingredients but had a much more tender texture and richer flavor from the meat in between all the little bones.  Just a great experience all the way around.

I have to say if your coming down to LA...this is definitely a place to check out.
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Gunnar, one of my favorite places for take out was Sam Woo BBQ on Broadway in Chinatown.

Get the roast duck or roast pork, both great. you can get your chicken feet there too!

One of my favorites there is the fu kin rice, Simple egg fried rice topped with roast duck, pork, mushrooms, asparagus, scallops, prawns, Chinese sausage and some other things I can't remember all in a thick sauce of god knows what. Mmmmmmm.

Chow fun was pretty good as I remember....They also have live tanks in the take out side... Santa Barbara spot prawns, crab, stuff like that. they will catch it for you and take it back and cook.

Unless they have remodeled recently, on the take out side, you can see everything going on in the back, watch the noodle guy behind the cashier to kill time while waiting for your food.

If you like fresh baked bbq pork bow, there is a little place in an alley way around the corner from woo's, can't remember the name...... but I bet if you asked down there, you would be steared in the right direction.......Hopefully!

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