Eleven Madison Park

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It was a walk through "Culinary Heaven"......everyone must see this !!!!

Food at its finest level....

Thank you.
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Danny Meyer is perhaps one of the sharpest guys in the business. He has an eye for real estate and knows what will go and when to do it. He is truly a visionary.
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How odd... one of my friends who owns a restaurant in Perugia Italy is going to be coming over to cook with them!! He's probably one of the most adventurous chef's I know and all of it is self taught!!

His restaurant is called Alter Ego in Perugia, Italy
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I had one of the best lunches ever there last year....and it was 28$pp.

Great bar program there too! Wife insists that she had THE best lobster roll there for lunch. (who orders a lobster roll at eleven madison? my wife...and she'd order it again she says it was so good)

Their duo of lamb dish that I had last year, was one of the best lamb dishes I'd ever had...I had a short rib ravioli I think for the first course.

to put it in perspective. I had lunch at eleven madison, drinks there, took a nap, went to pegu club for more drinks, then finished the night with a Jean-George tasting menu.
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