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We are upgrading our kitchen and need a new range. Unfortunately, we cannot get a gas line run to our house, so we are stuck with electric and are looking at high end electric ranges (to replace an old GE range). We're looking at GE Profile and Dacor Millennia and wish I could try them out first. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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dear bill,
i have the same problem i ended up buying the ge profile. i bought the one with the raised electric burners, as the sealed burner top seemed to be a pain to clean and use - 2 family members have the sealed burners and told me that they were not that thrilled with them. also they told me that you couldn't use cast iron pans on them. plus with the way i cook i'd probably demolish such a nice pretty surface in no time flat! really shouldn't slam those pans down!:) one of the plusses is a decent sized oven.
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I'd give serious thought to induction cooktops and/or flat cooktops. If you MUST have an electric cooktop (and I don't believe anyone ever chooses to cook on glowing coils), the flat tops are much easier to maintain. I wouldn't slam a full stockpot onto one - but gently lower it. (Some common sense must be exercised.) They look a whole lot better than glowing coils too.
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