Eighteen girls in your kitchen

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When reading menus or cookbooks it is not unusual to come across dishes with girls' names. Some are contemporary but the majority dates from the last century or so when gallant French chefs were dedicating their creations either to mythology, leading ladies of the court, or other celebrities of the time. Here are eighteen "feminine dishes" for you to match. If eighteen girls will crowd your small kitchen, invite them three at a time for six days. Some girls' names were left with their original spelling.

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Oops! forgot to tell you my score: 15

What's yours? ;)
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Kimmie,interesting subject you raised,here`s a few more:
sauce Marie-Rose, pommes Byron,Peach Melba(named after Dame Nellie Melba,an Australian opera singer!).Some of the items you mention date back to the French revolution.Nice quiz,it helps me to keep the old grey matter going,Leo.:)
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Thanks Leo R.

(BTW, Melba was part of the test!) LOL

Sauce Marie-Rose is the classic prawn cocktail sauce. And you got me thinking; how about:

Pommes Robert
Pommes Parmentier
Pommes Lorette

Let's find more okay? ;)


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Tarte Tatin




Quiche Lorraine

Reine-Claude, it's a prune, does it count?

Fraises Romanov
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Hello Kimmie,thanks for the reminder,i`m getting old you know !!
You mentioned lorette potatoes,how about Dauphinoise(princess potatoes)they are a larger version.Is classical cookery sexist? I don`t think so,we just respect women rather than patronise them.
this is not meant to be sycophantic!!:)

I,as a Englishman(limey),am puzzled. Why does London grind to a halt after midnight?I live in a cosmopolitan city yet, if i`m lucky,i can get McDonalds! Whoopee!!Do you think i should emigrate?
BTW,Canada like your American collegues has some exceptional chefs. My late mother used to say that we can always live in hope,even if we die in despair.
Thank you for replies,it`s nice to know someone likes me:)
Best wishes to everyone,Leo.
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Who knows about Shrimp Yvonne (with mushrooms and sliced artichoke hearts), from New Orleans?

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