Eggs and Breakfest

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What are some interesting ways I could serve eggs for a brunch of 40 people?
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How equipped is the kitchen?  Are you looking for something outside the typical American brunch?  (eggs benny, scrambled, quiche)
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Scrambled with Palma ham and truffles. Beanedict with salmon, A La Portuguese, Roulade of ham stuffed with scrambled and mushroom

Casserole with chive,spinach and 3 cheeses, The different choices are unlimited
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omlette with duxelles.

My daughter makes a breakfast casserole with potatoes, ham, eggs and a variety of other stuff...onions, salsa (sometimes), bell peppers, mushrooms, name it...sort of a "kitchen sink" sort of thing.  Can be made in great quantities.  Substitute any meat you like for the ham
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Scrambled, and topped with crab and hollandaise, or an African inspired touch - sweat some diced onion with cumin and cinnamon then wilt some fresh spinach in the mix.  The spinach would also work well as an omelet filling, but with 40 people a big tray of scrambled would be easier.

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   All the combinations above sounds real good!  I'm thinking that 40 people really may not be bad if you set up an omelet station.  Get all your mise prepared ahead of time and set up the station.  It really should go fairly quick to feed 40 people their own personal omelets.  

   But that's all relative to what else you have going on.

   have fun!

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Scrambled with Palma ham and truffles. Beanedict with salmon, A La Portuguese, Roulade of ham stuffed with scrambled and mushroom

Casserole with chive,spinach and 3 cheeses, The different choices are unlimited
   How could you make a suggestions like that, when I have no means of making it this morning/img/vbsmilies/smilies/mad.gif

   sounds delicious!

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I work in a commercial kitchen, my kitchen has a wide variety of tools and resources at hand. I am looking for something more on the line of Mexican style.
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I would offer a Herb Roasted Pork loin, with choice of dipping sauces. This could be done on a Outside BBQ to free up the oven. Mexican Frittata, or Tamale pie, or tamales, Mini Quiche. Scottish bangers, bacon and a Whole smoked ham that could be carved just before serving and as needed. Asst of Danishes, Croissants, Cinnamon rolls, Strawberry Mousse chocolate cups, Truffle's Good brew coffee, Mimosa's, asst of juices, home fried potatoes, or roasted potatoes will go with everything...............Have fun............Chef BillyB
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Just eggs, Mexican style:

Huevos Motulenos

Huevos Rancheros Frittata

Machaca con Huevos

"Duck eggs and chili"

Arroz con Huevos

Fajitas con Camarrones Frittata


Scrambled eggs with Chili Verde

Huevos al Albañil

Serve with

Jalapeno Corn Cakes

Pineapple Tamale Muffins

Tropical Fruit Salad with Lime-Honey-Chili Sauce



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I'm much more of a novice than many of the folks here, but if you are looking for something quick and simple here are a few ideas. I make egg scrambles often on the weekends with whatever veggies and cheeses are left in the fridge at the end of the week.

- mushrooms, red pepper, onion, cilantro, chopped tomato

- red pepper, green pepper, onion, scallions, and salsa on the side

- roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, feta cheese

- caramelized onions, wisconsin cheddar, scallions, garlic

Hope that helps!
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Eggs Bennie is always my fave for large crowds. It's so easy to pre poach eggs ,cook off Canadian back bacon  and toast your English muffins , add Hollandaise just before service and you have a perfect simple all in own combo! Eggs Florentine is another way to go for those who are shying away from pork , you could add a few of those in for good measure. (Florentine is with steamed spinach instead of Canadian back bacon.

Always add a fruit platter and maybe some good granola and yogurt on the side.
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A few ideas for you.

First, there's this stuff called chicharrones, I think. Basically it's sort of like breakfast nachos, but actually eaten in Mexico. You take chips, slather them with whatever salsa and beans and so on you feel like, pour on a little stock, and cook without stirring until it's starting to dry out. Pour on beaten or whole eggs, continue cooking until they're set, and garnish with more fresh veg. Diana Kennedy has a bunch of recipes if you're having trouble finding them --- and I'm sure somebody around here is from Mexico and/or knows what the heck I'm talking about.

Second, do eggs sorta-benedict. Replace the meat with thin-sliced Mexican-seasoned (whatever you take that to mean) pork loin or tenderloin, done the day before, chilled, and then sliced thin and pan-seared. For vegetarians, just skip the meat. Put some pot beans on top --- not a lot --- and then some great salsa cruda, whatever kind you think best. Top with poached egg. For sauce, make a sabayon base, mount it up with butter, but then instead of lemon add lime (key or regular, as you prefer), and instead of the teeny pinch of cayenne add a more generous quantity of high-quality ground ancho chile or something similar that has that dried chile taste without much heat. If you wanted to be more complicated about it, you could do a flavor base much the way you do a bearnaise: reduce white onion, lime juice, cracked pepper, cilantro, epazote, dried chile with soaking juice, a little cinnamon, and a clove, together with a fair bit of water, very slowly until you get a reduction that has a definite acidity and a strong whiff of great Mexican cooking. Strain very fine, then whisk this into your sabayon-butter base and you've got Sauce Mexiquaise (to neologize brutally). Sprinkle a few grains of ancho chile powder on top of your sauce on the egg, salsa, beans, and meat, and you've got a dish. And, of course, everything is totally easy-peasy make-ahead for someone used to restaurant/commercial methods.

You could also do essentially egg crepes using tortillas. That's a PITA early in the morning, rolling the buggers, but when you're done you just drizzle sauce and bake them, garnish with sour cream (or crema) and maybe a pinch of fresh-minced cilantro or something, and serve right out of the hot pans --- pick something pretty!

chef tomain

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Here is one Salmon hash top with pouched egg or fried with a cilantro lime sauce

Salmon hash ingrd. diced potatoes par boiled and fried.

dice, onions, pepper green and jalo. corn fresh or frozen, black beans

fresh or canned salmon depending on budget.

Remove skin saute salmon in butter and oil , till it starts to flak add vegs and fried potatoes mix together ratio of salmon to vegs by taste.

fry until it gets kind of crispy turn over.

Pouch or fried eggs , yokes must be runny. place a portion of hash on plate put two eggs on top then drizzle with cilantro lime sauce which is just cilantro, lime juice and zest, jalo pepper

olive oil, sugar to taste, salt and pepper to taste then blend then add finely dice red onions to mixture and then spoon sparingly over eggs and around plate.
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Croque Monsiuer or Croque Madameselle (sp?)

...although I think the breakfast may have been and gone already.  No sightings of OP.....
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