Egg Mixture for Breading

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Dear Friends:

The other day I came across a recipe for breaded chicken cutlets. The recipe employed the standard breading procedure but instead of using beaten eggs they used beaten egg whites mixed with some corn starch. I have never used such a mixture.

First I was wondering why anyone would want to leave out the flavor and richness that the egg yolk provides. So I'm figuring the yolk was eliminated to cut back on fat and calories? Or since the egg whites are the "glue" in an egg, maybe they help the batter adhere better without the yolk? Although I've never had any problems with whole eggs.

Second, what's the purpose of the corn starch? Maybe since they've eliminated the emulsifying aspects of the yolk, they needed to include corn starch to help thicken the whites?

What do you guys think?

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Sounds like a variation on the Chinese technique of velveting.

I've never thought the egg mixture adds much flavor anyway, but cutting out the fat from the yolk seems gratuitous when you're FRYING the food.

Was the procedure the standard flour-egg-crumb?


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I think with this breading procedure you would end up with a much lighter, airier breading/crust. More similar to an Asian style of breading than our traditional breading.
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My Hispanic cooks employ this breading technique when preparing chili rellenos .
Also this is used in asian cooking .

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