Egg in Turkey Loaf?

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My wife and I make a turkey loaf that is pretty tasty. BUT, we are having a slight problem. It contains ground turkey, BBQ sauce, oatmeal,onion, some spices and an EGG. We throw in the egg because that is what we normally do when making a meat loaf to hold the meat together. Our problem is that when the egg is used in the turkey loaf an eggy film develops on top and is not pleasing to look at. Are we doing something wrong or is it just that the egg and ground turkey do not work well together?
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Hmmmm... I'm not absolutely sure that the white film has anything to do with egg. In fact, I would wager to say that if you omitted the egg, you would still get the same film. I believe it's collagen being squeezed out of the meat. I'm curious, was the ground turkey frozen?

Here are two potential aways around it.

1. Brown it. Either put the loaf on a higher shelf so the top get's more color or run it under the broiler for a minute. The white film, when browned, might look a little more appetizing.

2. You find a lot of loaf recipes that have a layer of ketchup on top, as well as in the mixture. Since yours seems to be a bbq sauce variation, try spreading some of that on the top of the loaf before baking.
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I wonder if the film is from the oatmeal. I'm thinking of how cooked oats get kind of "silky" (that's my euphemism for slimy :D) when cooked.

Can you give us some proportions, temperature and cooking time?

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Its not the egg. If you like the recipe I would baste the loaf with your BBQ sauce 10 minutes before done and pulling from the oven.You should then have a nice shiny glaze for your eyes to meet...............
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Thank you all so much for the feedback! Seems like a common thought is to put some BBQ sauce on top at some point. I will definitely do that the next time. We cook the loaf at 350 for about an hour. The turkey was not frozen to answer Scott's question and we use approx one third of a cup of BBQ sauce, one third cup of oats, and approx 1-1.5 pounds of ground turkey. Again thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated and I will continue to come on this site in the future.
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I'm inclined to agree with Mezzaluna about the culprit being the oatmeal -- if only because I do NOT use oatmeal, but DO use egg, and never get that film.

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