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I have a cafe but there are no hood fans,  The kitchen space is 12 x 12 and we do a good job with sandwiches and salads with a convection oven.  I want to have egg sandwiches available.  but all the frozen egg products are not appealing.  Can I cook eggs  in a muffin pan ahead of time / freeze and reheat in microwave,  any other suggestions for prep or equipment??? I know you can bake liquid eggs in oven in a hotel pan but can they then be frozen and reheated?
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I can't imagine that eggs that have been baked, frozen and microwaved would be very appetizing.

Could you bake an amount every day before service, trying to anticipate how many you will need?  Never tried to hold cooked eggs for any length of time, so don't know how well they would hold up.  

You could just get one of those little electric griddles from walmart to cook eggs on.  You'll get some grease vapors but not a lot.

What about cold egg sandwiches?  like make frittata or something and turn it into a sandwich?  Or just egg salad.  Or hard boiled egg sandiwches...
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In Spain a favourite snack is cold Spanish omelette in a baguette with mayo, fantastic.

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