Egg bread?

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(I wasnt sure what topic this should go under)

Anyway, I found a recipe for Baked french toast with rasberry preserves and toasted almonds.
It calls for "Ten 4-by-4-by-1-inch-thick slices egg bread"

What is egg bread and does anybody have a recipe? Please and thank you. :)
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Eggs are often used as an enrichment in certain breads. Although there are many versions, the most commonly recognized are Brioche and Challah.

If you can't find it, no never mind. Just sub any bread that you like---although in this case I would probably shy away from a whole-grain bread.
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Here's a link to my challah/egg bread recipe.  It's a little richer than most, and is perfectly suited for French toast.  If nothing else, it should give you some idea of what makes this sort of bread different.  It's not just the eggs.  And, remember, you can make regular, bread pan loaves -- you don't have to make the braids.  Traditionally, the braided loaves were special for shabbas -- during the rest of the week the same bread was made in more pedestrian shapes.

Enjoy bubbeleh,

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