Efficient and healthy food in a busy life

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My name is Filip and I am looking for some cooking advice.

I hava a routine where I two times a month make typically 10 calzones, which I fill with different stuff. I freeze them and take out one at the time the night before.

I would like tips for both recipes dough and ways to fold the dough. And also, if anyone have similar routines for efficient and healthy food in a busy life, I would love to hear.

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It's definitely not the "best ever" recipe but I really like this pizza dough because I can portion it and it freezes well. I primarily use it for grilled pizza but it works for a lighter version of a calzone and the edges are VERY easy to roll/crimp. I sub in 1 cup whole wheat flour and add an extra tablespoon of water. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-the-best-pizza-dough-for-grilling-recipes-from-the-kitchn-204472

I keep my freezer stocked with this dough and tomato sauce. When I need a lightening fast and healthy dinner I just pull out some sauce and dough and let it thaw. Because my dough is individually portioned it thaws in no time (especially when I throw it outside on my balcony in the Texas summer heat...I bet I could "bake" it outside if I left it longer). While thawing, I prep whatever veggies (usually scraps from work), some fresh herbs and sometimes a cheese. Within 30 minutes start to finish I can have a great grilled pizza or with just a little more cooking time I can have a warm, hearty calzone. When I make a calzone I usually don't put the sauce inside but serve it on the side for dipping. Stuff like this keeps me sane during the work week. I can enjoy endless combinations of seasonal flavors with minimal effort and I am less tempted to order take out junk food.

The other thing I try to always do is to make a something I can eat for breakfast that lasts all week. It has to be something cold (no time for heating!), healthy but energy packed so I can eat just a few fast bites...usually over the kitchen sink or wrapped in a paper towel as I (bleary eyed and bushy tailed) walk to my car. I really really hate mornings and I HATE eating in the morning but if I get a good start to my day as least I've got that going for me no matter what happens later. My breakfast of choice is overnight oats with lots of different nuts and seeds and just a touch of something sweet (fruit or sweetener like honey or maple syrup). In the winter occasionally I break my own "no hot food rule" and make a big batch of steel cut oats- sweet or savory. I often make different kinds of bars for breakast consisting mainly of oats and dates plus other nuts/seeds/spices/dried fruit or sweeteners. Also, I don't let myself have caffeine first thing in the morning because if I get into that habit I turn into a complete bumbling zombie if I am unexpectedly forced to skip my coffee.

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