Effects of Combining Oils on smoke point

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by bigpiso, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Will combining coconut oil with beef tallow increase the overall smoking point?

    I am very particular with my oils and typically use beef tallow when frying.  I love coconut oil and would like to incorporate it more into the kitchen, but am limited due to it's low smoke point.

    I have read forums that encourage oil combining stating that there is a beneficial effect on smoking points. I have also read opinions stating the lower smoke point oil will still burn at it's smoke point, it is just not as noticeable because of the combination.  Can anyone help?

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    If an oil lets say smokes at 300 and is mixed with one at lets say 350, you will get some smoke at 300. Not as much because you have adultrated the oil. As far as tallow and coconut oils or any tropical oil,it is not the greatest for your arteries.. To much of anything is really not good.. After the age of 40 I would eliminate them as much as possible. Use an unsaturated medium if you can