Edit Function On The Fritz

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Try editing one of your posts. What you get is a blank text box. Hard to edit something that isn't there.

This has been going on for at least three days.
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I can definitely attest to that.  It happened at least twice on one post I was trying to edit.  I refreshed my page and then tried again and was able to do it.
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I concur.  The cat took some advantage of my keyboard for a brief stroll, and I posted without looking.  There are many things he was quite creative with.  However, what I wrote now looks silly and I can't edit it.

C'mon ....let's get this sorted, please.  It's not life-threatening :) but 'twould help for clarity of discussions

P.S. Aha....just got it sussed out - I think.  You need to press the "Full Page Editor" box (green) at the top right hand corner of your original text.  That's how I'm doing this. Worked for me - hope that helps those who want to edit.
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