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Hello all. I am a freelance chef and I work as a private chef. I'm looking for a bit of advice in what may be a good idea for serving olive oil and balsamic dip and bread.
I have a job on soon and they are asking for an antipasti of plum tomato, buffalo mozzarella, rocket salad, pesto olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ciabatta. Now because this is in an apartment belonging to the client, I am at an end in what to use as a ramekin for the oil and vinegar dip. So after thinking outside the box, I came up with the idea of an edible ramekin.
At first I thought of using a thick carrot, hollowed out to farm a ramekin. But I would struggle to find carrots thick enough to use. Then I have come up with the idea to use a vine tomato.
I have settled with the tomato option but I have a niggling thouget that it might look a bit tacky or messy.

MY question to you all is, has anyone tried to make an edible ramekin before? And do you think the tomato idea will work?
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Why not serve the olive oil in a hollowed out, thick crusted piece of bread..something similar in shape to a brioche e tete..sorry, not too knowledgeable about breads yet. Bit the idea strucke from seeing bread like that used as a bowl for soup. Just a thought.
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Daikons are huge and easily carved. You might be able to dye them a different color. Squash shells or gourds if you can find them might work. 
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What about Parmesan cups?  Could either do regular or mini muffin size depending on amount of dip needed. and I think it would go with what you are making.

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