Edible Paints

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to make different edible paints.
Originally I was trying to make them chocolate based but with rather mixed success as they are either too runy, set or split and dont stay paintable for very long.
They are supposed to incorporate different flavours as well.
Does anyone have any ideas of how to accoplish this?
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Hi TF,

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Do a search for Cocoa Painting, mixing Cocoa powder with an Alcohol base. This might lead you to some experienced artists that do regular painting involving food products.
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I use food coloring diluted with a tiny bit of vodka. What are you painting?

Not sure if flavoring the paint is worth it. Sounds kind of pointless because there is so little. If so, dilute the coloring with extracts. Just a little though.
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Are you wanting to apply color to molded chocolates?
If so start with a cocoa butter base and go from there.
I get why you would like to make your own (the ‘butter is wicked expensive) but IME it is smart to go ahead and order from a reputable source and be done with it.
My go to is chefrubber.com but if you are in the UK squireskitchen.com would be a more sensible choice.

With the popularity of painted designs on rolled fondant covered cakes on the rise I reach for either airbrush colors or mix my own using a good powder brand and vodka.

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At first I read the title to this as "Edible Pants"......just saying
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