Economical Pastry School Options

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    I'm a 32 year old self-taught baker looking to change careers to working in pastry full-time, ideally in higher end restaurants, though not necessarily fine dining. Because I'm kind of late in the game and my knowledge is somewhat scattered (I have a decent range of skills and knowledge but never had someone to teach me the right and wrong ways), I'd like to go to culinary school to gain a really solid foundation and hopefully get my foot in the door. However, I don't want to spend several years studying, and I've only just finished paying off my undergrad student loans and have no desire to go into debt again, especially since I know pastry isn't the most lucrative field. I'm looking for an intensive, full-time pastry program (e.g. six months) that is somewhat economical, so less than $10,000 USD.

    I'm willing to go anywhere in the world (as long as it's relatively safe), and I speak both English and Spanish. The ability to work and/or an internship program would be ideal. I'm currently considering Seattle Culinary Academy (longer program than I'd like) because my boyfriend is moving to Seattle, so living expenses would be cheaper. I've looked at the Paco Torreblanca School three month program, though don't see a lot of information. The Basque Culinary Center seems amazing but I don't think I'd have enough experience for their Master in Pastry program.

    In addition to home baking and doing a few weddings here and there, I've worked in food retail and some production and have been staging for the past few months every other week with the pastry team at a cafe and wine bar owned by a Michelin-starred chef, so I know I enjoy working in the kitchen, even the really repetitive mundane stuff.