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So my Ecolab tech says she works off straight commission from chemical sales.
She's on call 24/7 as a service tech for the area - I cant believe she doesn't get a base salary.

Does anyone know? Reason I ask is because she get's pissed when I buy the way cheaper chemicals from their sister company Swisher.

Side note, I have the swisher rep coming in this week, he says that he can transfer my Ecolab machine lease to Swisher and start getting all the chemicals thru them. I'll keep you all posted on this if anyone is interested.
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It's a mess. Ecolab bought Swisher IIRC, so while their stuff is still a bit cheaper it's the same company. When I switched to Swisher I didn't have any issues, their stuff works the same and is a bit cheaper.
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I worked for commission only. I sold many products that were more expensive than my competition. I proved to my accounts the added value of buying my products from me. Getting mad does not sell anything.
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