Ecolab cutting board... dulling my knife

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The restaurant I work at recently changed the cutting boards to Ecolab boards...and I don't think it's all in my mind...they are made from a much harder plastic

It seems the edges on my knives are suffering...they seem to be rolling over and very quickly...I should start by saying they are carbon steel knives and sharpened "shaving" sharp...and it seems that I have to hit the ceramic rod a whole lot more frequently than ever before... nothing else has changed in the way I sharpen or use the knives...and I have been sharpening and cooking for a long time... can I solve this issue sharpening should I change the angles on my edges would that work or would something as simple as a micro bevel work...

I'm sure someone will have an answer...


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Hi Jeff!

You might consider contacting the folks at Eco-labs to see what they can tell you. You may not be the first to have these issues with their cutting boards and maybe they could be helpful.
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Hi Walla.

Are the boards made of hard materials similar to plastic? If so, there really isn't anything you can do except change out the boards or use a set of knives you don't mind sharpening every week.

FYI - For whatever its worth, boards made from bamboo are considered eco friendly and won't harm your knives.

Good luck. :)
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Though much more costly and laborious to maintain, wooden and bamboo boards are the way to go. The plastic and composite boards that we have in most kitchens are designed and technologically constructed in the interest of reducing microbial incubation and growth. The materials being used a harder and less porous and therefore anathema to keeping a great edge.

The most difficult issue with using wooden and bamboo cutting boards in a professional environment is the overall moisture and wetness in a kitchen. Wooden/bamboo boards absorb much liquid, which ends up permanently warping and splitting the boards, which directly affects any knife's cutting efficacy.

I would recommend researching which knives maintain cutting edges for the longest periods of time in a professional environment.

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