Eclairs becomes soft

Joined Jul 8, 2020
Hi.. my eclairs was perfect when I got it from otg.. but it becomes soft even after storing it in air tight container at room temperature
I baked it for 25min at 190 degree Celsius den made a small hole using toothpick and den baked again at same temperature 898FD0C1-69FB-4443-A1BD-7C9B0244DA2E.jpeg 4A8DC2D8-6219-48AA-B466-000CBC94D575.jpeg EFF745C9-9308-4C81-AF6F-50B58D1D8318.jpeg
It’s stiff but soft not crisp
Please help me
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Eclairs are a fragile fresh product and don't keep well, as you can see. Keeping them covered makes them soft, and allowing them to sit out uncovered makes them hard. Temperature and humidity are the enemy. Place them in the fridge lightly covered with plastic just set on top. They are good for three days....maybe
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Make a BIGGER hole to allow more steam to vent and dry the shell completely. Store uncovered.
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