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as a cook i have extremely late nights (followed by early mornings for my second job) problem is i dont like to eat at work because it slows me down so i normally take an energy bar and move on but when i get home i am hungry. can't eat a full meal and go directly to bed (even after checking email its still too soon to go to bed). when i get up i have just enough time to cook breakfast for my family and get ready for work again. preety much the only time i have to eat a decent meal is when i have days off, my question to you all is what light meals do you eat after a long day or do you bite the bullet and have a full meal?
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Not really an answer for you, however, I had the same scenario working in restaurants. Too busy at work to eat (or didn't want to eat the same stuff over and over and over). Or, got home too late to eat. What an awful quandry.
I used to love going out for late night meals after work.... 24-hours joints with lots of greasy stuff. But, now I have a belly that I would rather not have.
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yeah i am trying to avoid the stereotypical chubby chef syndrome. i am starting to buy alot of fruit and saltines but im sure that a diet of fruit and crackers cant be too healthy
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It's really stupid, I fill other people's fridges for a week's worth of meals....all healthy low fat, full flavor.....what do I do? Eat out...or eat shtuff. How about having a bunch of steamed veg around to make an omelet or veg sandwich or veg salad.....if it's prepped assembly is not that time consuming....obviously not fruit loop conveniance but not greasey fatty stuff either.
Vietnamese, thai or sushi are my general restaurants of choice...the icky grocery sushi cuts my hunger and is a better alternative than burger and fries.
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Great topic!

I also eat very poorly, and then find my self starving at midnight. I wonder sometimes how it is that I must go to the bathroom, because I'm sure I haven't eaten anything for two days.

Lately(last two months) I cook myself something around 10 pm and eat it, sometimes make myself eat it.

And I éat like crazy on my days off!
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And I éat like crazy on my days off!

i have that problem as well, my girlfriend thinks i have a tapeworm but i try to explain to her that i dont really eat the other days
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Glad to see I'm not alone in the nutritional wasteland. Spend my workday surrounded by some of the finest food in the US, come home and read Thomas Keller and now Eric Ripert, and dream, and then call Papa Gino's.
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I can tell that I really need to be cooking at work more- MY WIFE AND I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN EATING OUR OWN RESTAURANT FOOD AND LIKING IT!!!!
But to answer the question- when I cooked a lot and found that I was hungry when I got home my "default" meal was the good ol' scrambled egg sandwich. Quick, easy, and no mess to clean up. The other funny thing- My restaurant is constantly making new recipes and I will eat the same thing at home I eat every day with little variation. It is usually my wife who says-"lets have something different tonight".....
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How wierd it is that most of us chefs are surrounded by great ingredients all day long but after the battle at the restaurant , and not eating there hardly at all we come home and have something simple and easy . I guess this is the paradox in which us chefs live . I do know that on my days off I realy enjoy cooking for friends and family but even then I find it hard to relax and enjoy the food I have prepared . I guess it is an old customer service habit that has been ingrained in me since my early apprenticeship as a culinary wannabe . Maybe its just seeing so much of the fine dinning that we crave the simple things in life .
Who knows ? All I know is that fried egg sandwich sounds pretty good to me after a long day at the office .
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I too have been suffering in a nutritional wasteland on busy days. A couple of months ago I started blanching assorted seasonal veges and keeping them cold in the refrigerator. They have a pretty long shelf life and are delicious especially with a yogurt based herb dip to liven things up. Another thing I do is try to make a fruit shake for breakfast at least 5 times a week. I buy large bags of frozen fruit add orange or pineapple juice and through it all in the blender. Makes a nice smooth shake and I feel like I've had some vitamins. I'd be interested in what others do to try to add good calories to a busy day.
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Being married with a kid helped my eating habits. When I was single and not gym going my eating habits were horrible! Late night Burger King or 7-11, go to the grocery store and pick up carry out, fried chicken, Jo Jo fires, a little of this, a little of that!
When I was going to the gym on a regular basis however it was easier. I would make a quick sandwich when I got there of cold boiled shrimp on a piece of baguette with raw spinach and orange almond vinaigrette. Healthy and delicious, for dinner I would grill a piece of fish, a little pilaf and steamed veg and I was good to go. A little willpower and I was in good shape again.
Funny though how people assume that since you work around all these fancy ingredients you must eat like a King/Queen. Ahh when they hear the truth.................................
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Please be careful with your eating habits! I've been diagnosed with diabetes, and while there are other factors involved, a contributing factor was my diet. I would delay eating until I felt shaky and my stomach growled, then jam whatever was handy in to my face. A handful of olives, grapes, a dipper of soup, I've even been known to eat a french fry sandwich.
Going 8 or more hours without eating puts a lot of strain on your body and plays havoc with your sugar levels. Take some vitamin supplements with minerals. Keep some meal replacement bars and drinks handy. Slim-fast ain't half bad with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
At home, I now keep a "George" on my countertop ready to go. Within 5 minuted, I can prepare a chicken breast, or salmon filet, from freezer to plate. I also keep a Bag-o-salad and light dressings handy. It isn't always what I want, but I needed to retrain myself. You might want to make a similar effort. It's hard, but it's your health. Good Luck.:beer:
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I have been working at night for about 7 months now, and I have found a salad from the fast food joint is perfect for a before bed dinner.
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As the focus of my job went from chef to owner/developer I continued the bad eating habits of the past and the weight piled on. Still have the bad habit of 10pm dining although alot less frequintly which is good. For me now it is a wedge of good cheese and a piece of fruit that does the trick. And although I still cook for banquets I have to say not a thing looks good after 12 hrs in the kitchen.
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Well I'm quilty too. Plus over the years I've learned to eat my whole meal with-out coming up for a breath of air. Not very becoming of a lady! My husband always makes fun of this. But I don't laugh anymore, it is a habit that embarrases me.

On the job I'd eat what ever the employee meal was. BOY did that pack on the usually was horidly old or all fried foods. THEN I'd please my palate with a taste of everything I baked as if to make up for the lack of taste in the employee meal.

So I'm doing the atkins diet right now (I need this to work). It's a good diet for me because it doesn't allow for any sugar or white flour (I find I enjoy asking other people to taste my products and tell me the low down as much as if I ate it myself.) now I can't justify even a nibble.

Then I've gone to packing myself a lunch. I freeze individual meat or fish portions after shopping so every morning it's not a hassle to bring lunch. Just grab it out of the freezer and go. I also buy the salads in the bag aready done. I take the whole bottle of dressing with me and leave it in the cooler (so far no one has complained). I aslo bring my own drinks, no more sodas. I know this isn't cheap, BUT if you add up what fast food cost and your health bills, I figure I'm not spending alot more. The things I bring are always simple to prepare.

ALSO I've come to deside I deserve a break too, just like everyone else.
I don't smoke or take talking breaks and I only stop once a day to go to the bathroom (yes I'm a workaholic to do that to myself). That's a big battle for me, taking the personal time at work. I'm always pushing too hard to get more more thing done. I think it's the crux or should I write crutch for most of us!
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One of my chefs at JWU was on a major diet during the school year. I don't think he had any carbohydrates either. He usually made one of us grill up a piece of chicken and steam some veggies for him. Poor guy, I dunno how he did it, but he lost a lot of weight. He never tasted any of our food. All this lasagna, ribs, sandwiches, and soups floating by his nose!
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