Eating in Toronto

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One of the best restaurants in Toronto, is North 44
Owned by one of the top chefs here.

I had the crusted tuna. It was sooo tender, it practically melted in your mouth. Medium-rare ofcourse :D
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I met Mark McEwan on a few occasions, really cool guy. He also runs a place called Bymark or something like that, the place was on Opening Soon and it looks really nice.
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I just got back from a trip to Toronto and ate well. Memorable meals at Jump (regional cuisine), Lee (Asian-inspired tapas) and Dhaba (outstanding Indian)
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Toronto has so many wonderful establishments to eat at. I'm a huge fan of Susur Lee, but back in the glory days of Lotus. I met Mark McEwan when I was in school years ago and he wasn't the kindest soul I've met. I guess too much pressure being one of the top dogs. Michael Stadtlander is a genius at his farm. Too many to mention. Check them out if you have the priviledge of travelling to Toronto sometime soon.

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