Eating Home Made Raw Fish Safely - Parasites, Salmon, and a very cold home freezer.

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    Hello all!  I have a quick question about eating raw fish and safety.

    I greatly prefer raw fish (on sushi or just as sashimi), even with poor texture/quality, to cooked fish.

    I have a home freezer which gets below -20 F.  I've measured this with a thermometer, but also validated by freezing 80 proof vodka and 90 proof whiskey solid.

    Most resources I've read indicate that freezing fish for -4 F for over a week should safely kill all parasites.   However, this article:

    Seemed to indicate that the speed of the freezing matters.  Mine freezes at the speed of a normal freezer, of course- it's not exactly a flash freeze.  I know that the speed of freezing matters for preserving taste, and I'm willing to accept some loss of flavor (I still prefer it raw to cooked), but will it kill the parasites?


    If I by some fresh caught wild salmon, throw it in my -20 F freezer for a week, defrost it in the refrigerator, and pull it out, can I safely cut slices from it and eat it without worrying about parasites?