Easter Sunday Brunch

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Have a good service everyone!!!
Post menus & pics if you like to show us all what you are up to :)

I'll post after it's all over... too much work still to be done
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Hi Chef,

Easter buffet, did a few of those... I would start at your Poutine bar.

Hope your service went well!
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I remember Easter Sunday brunches. 3,000 people, 2 separate buffets, walkie talkies, busboys moving pans of food in and out of the chaffers.....ahhhh those were the days
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4D5E489F-F4F8-44E3-BFAB-5B0A5DA80780.jpeg We did a whole production as well.
Prime rib
Leg of lamb
Salmon Wellington
Pork taco station
Fresh sushi (contracted some chefs)
Sautéed mussels
Shrimp cocktail
Freshly shucked oysters
Cold octopus salad
Smoked salmon with bagel chips
Pancakes and waffles with toppings
Sausage, bacon
Eggs Benedict
Omelet station
Croissants and challah, Parker House rolls
Swordfish with stuff on it
Roasted potatoes
Green beans
Beet salad with ricotta salata
Cheese board with baguette and lavash
Other salads I can’t remember

coconut passion fruit panna cotta
S’mores cups
Amaretto mousse
Lemon tartlets
Mini cupcakes
Cream puffs, eclairs, mini Macarons
Easter cookie shaped
Stupid chocolate fountain with stuff for it
Chocolate raspberry cake
Carrot cake
New York cheesecake
Chocolate chip bread pudding, bourbon sauce
Flourless chocolate torte
Blueberry coffee cake

I also did some peeps topiaries and stuff for the buffet table. We are a tennis club so I snuck in a little peeps display.

It was so much food and so much work. These members have really got it good.
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