Easter Menu - What was on yours?


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Roast lamb on the spit

Yukon gold potatoes, onions, garlic underneath basted in the drippings

Good bread


Brother making greek coffee on the coals afterwards.

This year I did something different with the lamb I thought I would share. When I ordered the lamb I asked if they had an Caul fat. They did and I got a nice big piece of it. We roasted the lamb on the lowest rung for 30 minutes and then moved it up to the middle rung. After another hour we stopped the spit and wrapped the lamb in the caul fat. It was delicious. Eventually the fat (held on by toothpicks and then eventually we tied string around it to keep it on) melted right to the skin. It kept the meat and skin nice and moist. At the very end we fired up the coals and crisped up the skin perfectly.

Half way through the lamb the retsina was flowing. I then too a hunk of caul fat and rendered that in a pan over coals. Once the fat was nice and hot I fried up the liver and the heart. Hit it with a little lemon after and sliced it up. A very nice snack for the spit masters and his friends.

That is my Dad with me in the photo.
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I like the bundle of Oregano as a basting brush.

We'd been working on a ham throughout the week in various treatments. Worked well for our being out and about on various spring break outings and supplied a nice soup for rainy evenings.

For Easter itself I wimped out and just grilled some kosher dogs and mad potato salad using the kids boiled easter eggs. Some pickles and crudite rounded out the meal. Something simple to finish a hectic week.

The ham reappeared this morning in the omelets.


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Any other awesome menus (besides mine) for Easter.
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That looks really great, Nicko.

I shall be enjoying good Greek roasted lamb and suckling pig in a couple of weeks' time when we go to one of our favourite Greek islands!  Cannot wait.

We had a traditional roast leg of lamb, with rosemary/garlic roasted potatoes - the first of the Jersey Royals are now appearing in the shops, with local fresh asparagus.  Served it with a redcurrant and red wine gravy.

Pudding was panna cotta with passionfruit and a passionfruit Pavlova.
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Great photo! I want to know who got to eat the tongue?  My nephews split it between the two of them.  We also tie our lamb up in caulfat and it helps it baste as it cooks.  We had a 30lb lamb but started it off at the top and lowered it to the second and third throughout the day.  It took about 6 hrs.  We baste with a lemon/garlic/herb/mustard/olive oil marinade and use a bunch of dill as the mop lol!  I always want to put the potatoes underneath like you do but I never want to chance the ash getting in them when it's a bit windy.  So I put the potatoes in the oven (yukon golds me too) with lemon and garlic and some pork butt which gives them great flavor. 

Also on the menu:

- pasticcio

- roasted potatoes

- spinach pies

- cheese pies

- various salads

- grilled quail

- grilled sausages

- liver grilled with onions

- duck pate en croute

- baklava

- cupcakes

- fruit salad

- cheesecake

- koulourakia (cookies)

Boy that's a lot, everyone was happy and full though and the leftovers are well worth the effort. 
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