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I did all the things I said exept for the lemon torte and choclate torte and dipped strawberries. I did a hazelnut mocha torte instead with the french buttercream left over from the meringue sandwiches.

I also did petit fours with yellow poured icing to look like chickies.
bonnet cookies
fancy layered petitfours
truffle tart
walnut/white chocolate chess tart
pecan pie
Ms mud pie
creme brulee
key lime
pinwheel pastries made with puff and cream cheese
etc. etc.

Everything turned out great. Oh and I did do some fruit tartlets.

It was too much work though!!

The thing is they booked a wedding the night before and a luncheon for Monday. They dont see any reason why this would be a problem. They (management) says: "Well we will ALL have to work more and harder this week!"

But it was a MADHOUSE. Everytime you needed something it wasn't there--sheetpans, hotel pans, bowls, etc. Everytime you went to get something there was somebody already there in the way. There was no space on racks or in the cooler.

If they do this to me again......GRRR!

thanx for all the suggestions
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Glad to hear everything went well...and what did your count turn out to be??

Yes, I can fully relate to your situation. We are either dead slow or we have 2000 people with no repeat items in the same week. As if that isn't bad enough the chef uses the dishwasher to do prep for him so you can't get a clean mixer or spatula either! :mad: :mad:
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