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Did anyone else feel the earth moving?  We did and it was the weirdest thing.  After it happened I turned on the news and a 5.5 quake struck in Quebec just north of Ottawa, and it was felt as far away as upstate NY.  The dog was pretty freaked out.. she was looking at the vent in the floor trying to figure out what was going on.  Now, we're expecting severe thunderstorms this afternoon.. I think someone pissed off Mother Nature today..
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I did not feel it today but my local entrepreneur store apparently did . He said one of his customers were picking out produce and witnessed everything shaking!

He then went to the counter to pay ..asked the owner if he felt that and he said no.

Anyhow the customer went home and after seeing this earthquake news went back to the store and explained what had happened was at the exact time of the earthquake!

I'm only 3 hours from Ottawa it travelled this far
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I was having lunch at around 1:45 when I felt it, the glasses were shaking. It scared me to be honest with you. I guess we are going to see alot more of this type of thing. The weather has been so bizarre.
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Petals it was stronger near you as the centre of it was on the border between our provinces. 

I'm a good five hours away from Ottawa and we had the shaking too.  I was sitting on the couch at the time looking at the avon books when the dog suddenly jumped up.  The couch shook a bit and at first I thought it was the dog hitting it but then it dawned on me that the couch is not so wobbly.  My daughter came running down the stairs telling me her bed was shaking and so were her blinds and it was then I figured out we had an earthquake.  I felt dizzy and disorented for a bit and I saw via facebook that other people who had felt the tremor were having the same feelings I was. 

I do not want a repeat of today's performance.. ever!   It was completely scary.  I saw on the headlines that there were possible tornadoes today in the province as well.  Soo.. what did we do to piss Mother Nature off??
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My mother felt it, she works on the 18th floor at a sky-rise and the whole building had to be evacuated.  I was working in the basement floor so I didn't feel a thing.  Even minor tremors are very rare around these parts, doesn't surprise me that everyone was freaking out like Hazel II was on its way. 
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Wow, that's pretty scary guys! I hope everyone is doing okay though./img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gifSession data
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At about 1:43 or so on Wednesday, I was sitting at my computer at work and noticed that the monitor started to shake. I thought it was the person in the next cube bouncing at her seat as she usually does. Then when I realized she wasn't I thought perhaps a large truck was driving by, but I heard no truck. So I stood up and people started to ask "hey, didja feel that"?!?

That's when we realized something weird had happened. Having lived in Alaska I suspected an eathquake and went here:  and the reports started to roll in. Around here it was more of a 3.0 or so, but enough to feel. I thought I had gotten away from them. I hate them!
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born and raised in California. I have never felt an earthquake, even when other people came running in and said "did you feel that?" "feel what?" has always been my reply  *knock on wood* I won't ever notice one.
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It was weird that's for sure.  No one at work felt and and my son was walking to the Y at the time and he didn't feel it either.   Apparently this area has three or for earthquakes a year but most of them go unnoticed because they're so small.  I had relatives in Holland emailing right away as soon as they heard the news to make sure we were ok.

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