e tools for the Modern Chef

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going through some of my templates and wonder if I need any new stuff

what do you think chefs need today computerwise


Mastercook software
ms word templates with menus and special sheets
excel inventories, spread sheets, preplists, menu costing
training guides, opening and closing duties
applications and employee assement guide
catering menus, checklists, contracts
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I think the scope of what, exactly, you will be doing with the technology is needs to be more defined. Is it necessary to have scheduling software for a smaller operation? Probably not. For a larger operation? Probably so. I think a word processing program and spreadsheet are required for just about everything at this point. I'm almost surprised not to see a laptop hooked to the dishwasher at this point.
As for MasterCook or other recipe authoring software, I think that is subjective. Are they good organizational tools? Sure, if you have some organization going into it. There are no magic bullets. All of that said, I save everything and will try (just about) anything. Never know when I might be able to re-invent an old tool or borrow a conept from somebody else. So, to answer your initial inquiry, I would say... whatever works for you. If you feel you are lacking in an area, maybe it's time to look around for a solution.

I don't know if this is for what you were looking, but it is what I, anyhow, can offer. All the best!
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