Dynamic Chocolate, Wine And Liquor Pairings

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    Wine and food pairings with chocolate is on the scene here in Zurich ... With chocolatiers hosting chocolate tastings, here are some splendid suggestions for the holidays.

    Would enjoy hearing from those who have some ideas on theme.

    Happy Holidays.

    1. Sprungli Lindt ... Flavour  Espresso

    Tasting Notes. The profoundly roasted beans deliver a robust, full bodied espresso flavour which harmonises with the spice and black cherry notes.

    Beverage Pairings. Ruby Port, Madeira, Anisette, a glass of young Cabernet Sauvignon or a cup of Hot Chocolate work wonderfully here bringing out the aromatic fragrances of the espresso. 

    Food Pairings. Brioche, Croissants and French Toast dipped in Eggnog.

    2. Sprungli Lindt ... Flavour Mint

    Tasting Notes. This is a crisp, refreshing to palate and sparkling contrast to the smooth and silky seductive black chocolate.

    Beverage Pairings. Bailey's Irish Cream, Spanish Brandy, French Cognac or warm herbal teas pair superbly.

    Food Pairings. An extraordinaire Brownie or Cheesecake, Macadamia or Brazil Nuts marry marvelously with Mint Chocolate.

    3. Sprungli Lindt ... Flavour Orange  

    Tasting Notes. Zesty orange and caramel crunch are a splendid textural sensation and citrus contrast to the dark rich chocolate.

    Beverage Pairings.  Semi sweet or sweet French Saturnes or Gewurztraminer or Rieslings and Sherry * Fino and or a shot of Drambuie are a heaven scent marriage.

    Food Pairings. Warm scones, toasted almonds and dried apricots or dates are lovely paired with Orange flavoured Chocolate.

    4. Ghirardelli ... Toffee and Praline 

    Tasting Notes. This is a slightly sweeter chocolate blended with crunchy Toffee and Pralines, caramelised almonds and buttery notes.

    Beverage Pairings.  A late harvest Riesling or Zinfandel, Muscat or Kentucky Burbon are superb here.

    Food Pairings.  Flavorued Lays Potato Chips * for example, chili with shrimp flavour, a mixed selection of salty snacks and a handful of Popcorn.

    5. Ghirardelli ... Delight at Twlight ...

    Tasting Notes.  Intensely aromatic with Blackberry, Mocha and Black cherry notes this chocolate has a silky creamy texture.

    Beverage Pairings.  Armagnac, Zinfandel, Syrah Mono Varietal and Cabernet Sauvignon or an Asian Black Tea variety marry fabulously here.

    Food Pairings. Brioche, Raisins, Figs, Dates, and other dried fruit varieties.