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Despite the fact that it has only been a few weeks since I started using this boxed set I want to point it out to those pondering a purchase before they are all gone or price shoots back up (I paid even less so looks like this may be happening).

I have been cookware shopping for a few months having completely worn out everything (and wanting to pass on Gma Van's saucepan and Dutch oven so have taken those out of rotation) .

Not a purchase in sets sort of cook so kept skipping over those offerings and looking at a couple of saucepans (didn't need lids) and a new Dutch oven but my budget was not getting me where I needed to be.

Found the above on one of the best, better, nice to have charts on Amazon so gave it a look see.

The ratings and comments were very good (with stars taken off for stupid crap like water spots and sticking ;-) and so I pondered for a day or so and decided to give this set a whirl.

I am not an induction cook (gas only for me) but liked the fact that the pieces were 3 ply bottom to top (prolly the deciding factor) and the bottom of course has the thick disk for induction use.

The set came and I have to admit I was kinda like a little kid.... the pieces are heavy but not too much for this former bartender (small hands and wrists but very strong forearms) and well balanced...a good start.

Washed everything in warm soapy water and let air dry (oops I have water spots lol) and made scrambled eggs right away.

Yes some stuck but no worries as I already have 2 egg pans (nonstick disposable ;-) so that is not a problem.

Note the manufacturer's recommendation for low flame cooking I found this to be true and well advised.

Have used everything and am very pleased with every piece.

Made banana pudding twice and the rims are as advertised non drip which is a HUGE improvement over what I had.

Still hand washing with the knives and letting air dry (so humid here ... you can wipe all day and everything will still be damp) but will prolly break down and start running the lids in the dishwasher.

That's about it.

If anything changes will update this thread and as soon as I am satisfied will write this up in the reviews.


OBTW... yes the "dutch oven" in this set is smallish but I have a smallish heavy stockpot and 2 sizes of crockpot's that will fill the bill nicely should something larger be needed but someone else may want to take a hard look at this piece and take into account before purchasing.

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