Dutch Rice Table

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Love the rice table, would not venture to spell it. When I was in Holland we had beer at the rice table. Also big wines would work and sake's.
Diet Coke?
I will ask my friend marga, she is a transplant form Netherlands.
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Ok~ yep 4 glasses of wine to the wind so I'm not even going to attempt to spell rice table in Dutch. It is a Dutch invention for one of their Indoensian colonies.....it is called 22 (or various number) for the amount of dishes you have on the table. Large quantities of rice with numurous spicy toppings. Very little meat lots of interesting veggies.
We had Trimbach (YUMMMM and very good with spicy foods) and Heinekins (does not look right but I'm not going to look in the fridge right now) any way good combo.... I went for the wine. WONDERFUL EVENING>

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