Dumping the teflon, plastic and other trash - need some suggestions

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by theedudenator, Jan 2, 2013.

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    My last draw was the $$$ All-Clad non-stick, 1 year later and everything sticks in the center.

    I have always had and used a Lodge large skillet, used it for some things.

    The non-stick was for eggs and sausage for my wife.

    I bought her a 12" De Buyer Mineral pan to replace the non-stick.  So far so good.

    I have a very large SS All clad stock pot - love this

    Large Cast Iron

    Small SS All Clad sauce skillet

    De buyer Mineral B skillet

    What I need to replace is two non-stick (scratched and worthless) pots.

    Wife would use them for sauce and/or pasta.

    I am guessing I should be looking at Stainless?

    Will pasta sauce stick in these?
  2. michaelga


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    Only if you cook over way to high of heat.

    Non-stick for a frying pan / saute pan used for eggs or delicate fish etc. is just fine.  

    Non-Stick is not needed in a pot... nor actually most other cookware.

    All non-stick wears out, it's the nature of the material, never spend a fortune on a pan, it is expendable.  

    They do however have a place in almost all kitchens.

    I'd suggest looking at improving technique before investing in more expensive pans.  
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    Ouch! All Clad disposable. I wonder if there's a way to strip the non-stick coating off and polish it? 

    I'm kind of at the same place except I'm getting rid of several pieces of 10 year old Calphalon anodized, and retiring a bunch of Revereware that was handed down from my mother. I think the Revereware is more than 40 years old.

    After much reading and obsessing I'm buying Vollrath Tribute, which is tri-ply stainless. It's a lot less expensive than AC, probably just as good, and I expect it will provide satisfaction far beyond the cost. Katom is the best place I've found to buy it. LIds are separate and expensive. If you can cobble together enough lids to avoid buying the it will save you 25-30%. 

    I've also been seeing Calphalon tri-ply in TJMaxx lately at anywhere from $40-75 a piece. Problem is that they have very large and very small, but don't have the sizes you really need. Cooks Illustrated recommends Cusinart tri-ply after All Clad but don't think they tested the Tribute line. 
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    I have a 12" Cuisinart fully clad skillet and I have been happy with it but it is a bit heavier than I'd like it to be. It's heavier than the All-Clad, if I am remembering the CI review I read some time ago. I will definitely buy more pieces of the Cuisinart as I find them on sale.