Dukkah crusted Lamb cutlets with Raspberry, Mint and Garbanzo couscous.

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Hi all,

I had a my first role as a head chef recently within a solo operated kitchen feeding 40-60 covers a night.

This role required me to rotate a new menu every fortnight, and this dish was a standout for me, not only in aesthetics, but in the flavour combination and mouth feel.

Similar recipes and concepts have been done before, however I have mixed and matched this recipe, and altered a few key ingredients and put a bit of my own flare into the mix.

Dukkah Crusted Lamb cutlets with Raspberry, Mint and Garbanzo Couscous

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Ingredients: Yields one serve

3-4 Lamb cutlets

100gr Cooked couscous

6-8 Large Raspberries OR strawberries

4 large mint leaves

40gr Pulses (I used Chickpeas)

50gr Spanish onion

20gr Hazelnuts

10gr Sesame seeds

1tsp cumin seeds

1/2tsp coriander seeds

1tsp smoked paprika



1) Roast Hazelnuts and allow to cool, using a tea towel or cloth, rub together to remove the skin/casing.

2) Gently roll the Sesame seeds, Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds with sesame oil in a pan over medium heat,

    until fragrant and lightly browned (use a tea towel covering the pan to avoid kamikaze seeds.)

3) Combine the seeds and hazelnuts into a mortar & pestle and crush into a rough crumb to allow the heat and fragrance

    to combine. Finish in a processor to bring it down to a finer crumb.

4) Once cooled, add a few drops of olive oil to bring the mixture together.


1) In a bowl, combine the cooked couscous, with half of your berries. Add the pulses, onion and finely sliced mint leaves.

2) sprinkle a small portion of Dukkah, Cracked pepper, Salt flakes and a touch of clarified butter and combine well.

3) Set aside a few berries, Mint leaf and pulses to garnish during plating.


1) Rest and salt the lamb in room temperature for 5-10 mins prior to use.

2) Using a pan or grill on a high heat, add olive oil and lay them down, cook each side for 1-4 minutes depending on personal


3) Begin the plating stages whilst resting the lamb.

4) Once your plate is ready for the lamb, gently coat both sides with the dukkah prepared earlier.


When plating, I often aim for height and positioning to complement the plate itself.

For this particular dish I chose to center the meal.

Begin with the Couscous, by spooning it into a pile, and allowing gravity to take it's course.

Lay down your lamb, stacking it in a manner that presents the bone (lets face it, it's the best thing about lamb cutlets aesthetically-wise).

Take your ingredients set aside for garnishing, and place around the plate to your personal preference.

When I plate, and Garnish, a lot of emphasis goes into the contrast of the different elements, so i try to pair colors together with their appropriate color scales.

Your dish is ready! Sit back, admire, and dig in!

*Sauce: For this dish, I used an orange and rice wine vinegar reduction, as it fits very well with the berries and lamb.

             However, the sauce possibilities I think, could be different for everyone, so I leave that to you! An element you can add

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