Ducks on TV

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I just got this from my favorite purveyor D'Artagnens. Check it out.

Dear Friends,

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to share something about ourselves that we deeply treasure. In my case that something is both the land of my birth and its culinary traditions.

I would be honored if you would follow me on a tour of my native Gascony and its unique contributions to the World of Fine Eating on Thursday, May 16, at 10 PM EDT as I host a segment of "My Country, My Kitchen" on the TV Food Network.

A Bientot,

Ariane Daguin

P.S. The show will re-air on Friday, May 17 at 1 AM EDT and Saturday, May 18, at 7:30 PM EDT
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I'm gonna have to find someplace to watch! If Ariane is her usual self, the show will be both informative and funny. She can be a hoot! A couple of years ago she did a presentation on foie gras at a Women Chefs and Restaurateurs conference, that included The Birth of a Foie Gras -- both the tasting and the jokes were top-notch.
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I used to order duck breast, whole ducks and quail for my gourmet group dinners (hope I can find a bunch in Tampa who wants to do was so much fun).

The D'Artagnan story is one of a very intelligent woman who saw a need and filled it beautifully - to the tune of a very successful business.

I have Ultimate TV set to record that can bet I'm going to enjoy it.
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