Duckboard stew anyone?

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On the job list tomorrow, is cleaning the 2 house fridges. Theres plenty of food to use up,and I've just been discussing the subject with OH.

Duckboard stew on the menu tomorrow was the reaction. Bryan happily regaled me with stories of obscure dinners served when he was an officer in the merchant navy.

The duckboard was the wooden boarding on the floor of the walk in fridge and when chef was having a clearout, the meals were inventive to say the least, supposedly made with all the stuff that had fallen under the boards...Hopefully not!

Anyway, my Duckboard stew tomorrow consists of Carrot and coriander soup. Both of which need using pronto

Aubergine and courgettes will be  sauted with garlic and frozen for a later meal before they turn

Theres cheese sauce and bolognese sauce in bowls that need to be in the freezer.

Theres choi sum that will be steamed for dinner with noodles. Just need to think what else to serve with it. Prob defrost some pork chops.

I keep all my nearly empty jars of Dijon mustard and use them to make honey mustard dressings. i'm sure theres one lurking that i miss each time i have a clear out.

Theres a myriad of pickles and chutneys.Homemade and shop bought that we hardly ever use, but they never get chucked out...Must be ruthless...I know i wont be.

So what are your Duckboard stews?
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Ha - know just what you mean,  There's a container of bolognaise sauce which should have been used but has to go /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif

There's some chicken casserole which is heading the same way....

But, on the other hand:

Lots of bits of leeks and cauliflower which are all good, some frozen chicken stock too - so there's a soup.

There are various sausages, e.g. cabanos, chorizo, pork - these can go into a pasta with a great stack of ricotta that's fresh but unloved at present.  Perhaps a bake.

Plus a great slab of beef mince which I must use and freeze what can't last - probably a bog sauce. Am making lasagne tonight so there goes some of that, plus some of the ricotta, plus a stash of mini meatballs which can be bagged up and frozen, May incorporate some ricotta in there too.

More of the ricotta can be mixed with the remains of the spinach and basil to go into puff pastry triangles for tomorrows lunch.

Dressings - far too many of them.  Salad with lasagne so there is the french dressing taken care of.  Can make a so-called dijonaisse out of the rest of the mustard plus some mayo and just for a change a bit of sour cream which has been trying to hide.

Bananas - they go off too quickly but they are dirt cheap at the moment so I (stupidly) buy too many, so they get chopped up, tossed in lemon juice and stored in freezer for smoothis.

The that's totally another story /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif

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