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I usually use veal stock in all my pan sauces, as it carries such a neutral flavor and is heavenly. I just made a big batch of good and gelatinous duck stock. My question is can it be a substitute for veal stock in a pan sauce, or does it carry more of a distinctive duck flavor that may impart onto let's say a chicken breast,etc. thanks. any other suggestions for using a rich duck stock?
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I would say it depends on a lot of things like the aromatics used, duration of reduction, quality of product, ect. But a equal to equal version of stock in ingredients and end consistency I would probably rate duck as much more intense of a flavor than veal.

As for use, we used duck stock quite a bit for french onion soup and some pan sauces so I see no reason why you can't. Just experiment a little as I believe it will be a more pronounced flavor.

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