Duck fat deep fryer life

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I am considering frying our potato chips in duck fat. I need to know how long it will last in the fryer if used every other day.

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If you're only using it for potatoes and nothing else, AND if you strain it at the end of service each and every day, you should be able to get 5-6 days out of it. A lot depends on fryer temperature and usage. Duck fat has a tendency to break down quickly at higher temperatures.

When using it for duck confit it can be re-used many times because it's cooked at a low temperature. Only experience will teach you how far you can go with this. Your eyes and nose will know when.
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Often you simply have to track the fat daily and test your product. Keep a simple log and you will get a feel for how long the fat will last. I agree with @Chefross  if you are just frying potatoes then you should get several days out of it.
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