Duck broth.

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I'm letting a pot of the stuff simmer over night while I sleep.  Thing about it is, I never hear about it. I read all kinds of threads in many blogs and forums about chicken stock, veal stock, beef stock, but never duck. I'm making this batch so I may braise my duck legs in it tomorrow, but what other applications might it be suited for?  I have literally hundreds of soup recipes for french, Italian, Chinese, Thai, etc, and not one calls for duck broth.  Perhaps reduced far enough, it's a good low-fat alternative to duck fat in sautes? I'm sure it'd be delicious in Potato soups. Any other suggestions though?
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I ate at an extremely good restaurant the other day that reduced down a duck broth until very thick, allowed a skin to form on top, dried this until crispy and used it as a garnish. It was wonderful, an incredibly intense flavour.
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Maybe clarify some of your duck broth into a fabulous duck consommé served with some shredded duckmeat in it and perhaps some wild mushrooms or another more seasonal mix of vegetable? Rremember less is more when it comes to filling a consommé.  

Also, your broth can be used as a base for a fantastic sauce served with the rest of the duck (breasts)!
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with some searching I found a recipe for duck consomme with duck liver ravioli. sounds delicious but i'll be making this broth into much a demi-glace.


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One idea is to use whole five spice and serve with egg noodles Asian style.

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