Duck Breast Prosciutto

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Hey all. I have decided to try my hand at duck breast prosciutto and am wondering if anyone has tried and had much success. I have a recipe that calls for curing it for 24 hours, however, when I went to the butcher and told him it looked like he wanted to punch me in the nose for being such an idiot. A quick "Uh, but I was thinking of just leaving it in the cure for 30 days or so." seemed to calm the fire in his eyes. My old text from school says to leave meats an inch thick in a cure for no longer than 5-8hours, the breast is about 2ish so I'm thinking the 24 hour cure is the more accurate one. Also what does hanging accomplish for the prosciutto? How will a longer hang affect the end product? A couple of more questions then I am done here. I was thinking of using coriander, star anise and orange zest in cure. Thoughts on that flavor combo?

Thanks all!
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You are air drying the prosciutto, and letting any internal oils and liquid run out. You are also ageing it.. This makes it taste better and gives it the correct consistency Palma ham and Pancetta are not hung or aged the same therefore different taste and textures.

As far as duck the dryer the duck I believe the crisper or better. It could be marinated but then thoroughly dry prior to cooking. If you left for 30 days I would not eat it. Unless your talking a Confuit type prep.
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I have made duck prosciutto a few times and perhaps I can help.

I use a Kosher salt/sugar and herb blend which I slather all over the lobes.

Within 4 hours the breast are ready to rinse and wrap.

30 day cure???????

It would be inedible.

I wrap the breast tightly in cheesecloth, then tie off each end. I hang these in my fridge for about a month, but during that time, as the meat shrinks, the breasts have to be re-wrapped and retied a few times, How many times is subjective.

If no white mold appears on the cheesecloth while the drying process is happening this is a good thing and means that you are doing it right.

After a month has past, I unwrap ans taste. If it is what I am looking for good, if not, well then back to the fridge for a few more days.
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