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Hi Everyone,

we looking of opening our own Restaurant here in Dubai and since I'm still new to the country I'm trying to find out which Brands of Kitchen Equipment are good to use here and which ones are fairly common in case something breaks and I need spare parts.

At the moment I'm working with Electrolux and the Kitchen is only 1.5 years old (I'm here since 4 months) and everything is falling a part and is braking.

From my knowledge Vulcano, Garland, Rational, Kitchen Aid and Hobart are some of the best ones to work with. I also know they are some of the most expensive ones (so if you know cheaper ones but with the same qualaty please let me know) however I have no Idea how common they are in the UAE. 

I also found out a lot of Maintenance Companies don't store any spare parts, what the go with that?

Thanks for you help guys
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