Drying whole wheat noodles

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Hi! I am new here and i dont knoe if anyone posted about this.
I like making noodles from whole wheat flour for health reasons. But when i dry them, they always break. Is there a way to dry them without them breaking?
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Drying pasta is tricky at best. I make nests and place them on parchment lined pan. I freeze them solid, then place them in a ziploc bag then back to the freezer.
I don't allow the nests to stay in the freezer any longer then a couple months.
You can't vacuum pack them either.
Allowing the pasta to dry at room temperature will make them very fragile.
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Here's my two cents. Don't dry them. Make only what you need for the meal and eat them fresh.
Years ago I read an interview with some famous Italian chef who said that many upscale restaurants use boxed pasta for long noodles like spaghetti, linguini, etc. simply because making and storing is a pain for exactly the reason you are having trouble. Too much time, effort and product is lost for it to be worth it.
Store bought long noodles are more stable without the work and as long as you buy quality noodles there is really no difference.
Pastas like pappardelle, ravioli, agnolotti, gnocchi and other shapes are where fresh pasta can really shine and making them fresh is worth the effort with out the breakage and loss issues.
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