Drying fresh pasta in a dehydrator

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I'm new to making homemade pasta. I have a tendency to make way more of anything than will actually be consumed within a few days so I'm looking for advice ahead of time on how to preserve my excess pasta. I've read the posts about freezing but freezing can lessen the quality of food. I read an article on drying cooked pasta in a dehydrator for 2-4 hours at 135[sup]o[/sup]F. Is this a good idea? If dried properly, how long will the pasta keep?
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I have had no issues freezing fresh pasta. Make sure long noodles are wrapped in little nests and stacked with parchment paper in between layers. Also use a container with a tight seal. 

Dried pasta takes a lot longer to cook than the fresh-frozen, this method is also great for stuffed pastas.


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You can freeze pasta and I have for things such as that prepared in lasagna or shells. I would just dry it and then store it I don't think a dehydrator is necessary.

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