Dry chicken

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I manage a catering company and we go through easily 3 or more cases of chicken a week. I have tried several different methods but when cooking chicken for 200+ people a day, sometimes it gets forgotte about for a few minutes longer than it should.

I am wondering if anyone could share their best method for not having dry chicken when feeding the masses? Sometimes it leaves kitchen done perfectly but if servers let it sit in a chafer for too long, it comes back onto kitchen staff when it gets dry. I have heard that soaking in milk works? We usually prep the chicken the day before the event, then sear and finish off the next day.
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There's nothing nothing you can do about chicken drying out in a chafer. If you leave it there it will dry out. Most notably chicken breast. You can brine it, soak it, undercook it, whatever you do it will still dry out if you leave it out.

The only solution is sauce! Serve it in a sauce or with sauce on top.
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No magic here.
Pay closer attention to your time and temps.
Maybe you need to hire another cook to babysit the grill.
I don't get the whole server and chafer thing..... "sometimes it leaves the kitchen done perfectly".
If it is only sometimes maybe you should pull the chicken from your menu until you can get it to "every time".

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Pre cooking, searing, re-heating, out to a chafing dish will almost always lead to dry chicken. Not much you can do unless you are willing to change your methods.

Your best bet would be to do batch cooking, smaller batches=less time in the chafing dish. That might be a start.

If we had more info about what you currently do for the chicken we might be able to help a little more. Odds are it is just getting overcooked and there isn't much you can do about that except cook less.

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