Dry-aged rib eye, 1/5" thick, in the oven on a rack @ °200 - how long?

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How long do you think this would take? 4 hrs? 8? Can I insert a therm w/o worrying about doing anything "bad"?

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LOL ... "beef jerky". ... Crack Me up!

1/5" = steak-sammich meat. That's 20% of an inch. That's less than a quarter of an inch.

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A five-incher takes about 3 hours from fridge cold to reach 125°F in a 200°F oven, so I guess yours would take around 15 minutes.
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I'll wager a guess that the OP meant 1.5" thick.

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I'd say no more than 2 - 3 hours. I'd start checking at around the 90 minute mark. Home ovens are notoriously bad at reaching and maintaining accurate temp readings.
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Thanks. How do you check? Is inserting a therm ok to do?

A thermometer is fine. The meat as a “water balloon” has been largely disproved, and since you are cooking at a low heat the heat differential should be low enough that it won’t push out too much juice. The thinner your probe, the better of course.

You will lose a little juice surely but you are better off not overcooking.
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You're shoving the probe in from the top, you're dry aged, I don't think there would be any juice loss. Salt an hour or more ahead if you have something unusually juicy. I sometimes salt and pepper as much as 24hr ahead, different flavor profile.
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Thanks. How do you check? Is inserting a therm ok to do?
A probe would be best.

I think my original suggestion of checking it after 90 minutes is a little long. Check it at 60 minutes and every 20 minutes or so thereafter until it reaches your target temp. The internal temp will continue to rise after you pull the meat from the over and let it rest....probably 5 degrees, give or take. So, factor that in accordingly with your desired temperature goal.

Let us know how it turns out. :)

Good luck.

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