dried shrimp

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I have A LOT of dried shrimp, which I like to keep on hand for the Thai dishes I cook. Can I freeze some of it? What's the best method? Coffee cans? Freezer wrap? Thanks!
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If they really are dried, you can just put them in zip-lock type plastic bags, or in glass jars with good, tight-sealing lids, and keep them in the cupboard. No need to freeze, unless they are not completely dry.

I always find that the problem is odor transferrence, so I preper to keep them in tightly-closed jars.
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My grandmother did the same with her dried shrimp and all her other dried asian products (sea horses, orange peel, birds nest, and a whole lotta other stuff I can't identify). In bulk, use an tight jar but whatever you use to store them in, make sure they're air tight. Most dried asian ingredients are very pungent and fragrent.
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All the Asian grocers in my area refrigerate their dried shrimp. I recommend doing the same - transferring them to a glass jar first.

I've also noticed that there are some brands of dried shrimp that don't have sulfites. The lack of sulfites makes these a little more perishable. Refrigeration should work fine, though.

If you do decide to freeze them, I highly recommend glass jars for that as well. The impermeability of the glass will be your best protection against transferrence and freezer burn.
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