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A few months ago I caught about 15 pounds of fish that I didn't wind up using (snapper). So thinking back to all the fish I've seen in Asian markets I dried it. Now I'm having issues using it. I've grated it over pasta, I've used it in dressings, and I've made broths with it. How do you guys use preserved fish?
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Hey King,

Did you use a dehydrator or the oven?  I' m wondering if you can hydrate it and maybe use it in some stir fry. I keep thinking Bacala.
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Sounds kinda like stockfish.

I would take a mallet to it to break it down a little. Then soak it maybe overnight. As long as you didn't salt it. If it's salted then you will have to soak much more and change water. Maybe 2 days. Then poach it and add it to whatever floats your boat.
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When I was a little kid salt cod was a common item everyone ate. It was soaked and rinsed about three times to get the salt out. Then it was stirred into a bechemel sauce and served over toast. You can add peas, hard boiled eggs, whatever you want. It's actually better than it sounds. I would also think it would work in a fish patty. Cracker crumbs, grated onion, dill weed, lemon juice, raw egg and fish. Mix together and fry in patties. Now I'm hungry, darn it.

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